Protect in danger, care for life.

Tox Touch is a smart protection device designed for stamping workers. It combines protecting & humanistic caring functionality including finger-cots for danger detection and bracelet for data collection.

Besides, Tox Touch makes the finger-cots, bracelet and machine come into a whole system, arranging suitable working schedule in terms of the collected data.


Redesign a new product aimed at protecting the workers who operate small stamping machine from getting injured in accidents.


As a working suit for workers to increase their self-esteem and sense of security.

Designed by: Sun Lin, China.


Tox Touch

Tox Touch2

Tox Touch3

Tox Touch4

Tox Touch5

Tox Touch6

Tox Touch7

Tox Touch8

Tox Touch9

Tox Touch10

Tox Touch11

Tox Touch12

Tox Touch13

Tox Touch14

Tox Touch15

Tox Touch16

Tox Touch17

Tox Touch18

Tox Touch19

Tox Touch20

Tox Touch21

Tox Touch22

Tox Touch23

Tox Touch24

Tox Touch25

Tox Touch26

Tox Touch27



Tox Touch

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