Designed by: 2yolk Branding, Greece.


“Tou Prevezanou” is a new series of frozen and pre-cooked fish and crustaceans launched at the Greek market by “Ionian Fish”, a family business from Preveza. For the new products’ branding, 2yolk “fished” for its inspiration from the long fishing tradition of the Goumas family. The brand name had to highlight the rich catches of the Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf from where the products originated. Known for its renowned exquisite shrimp and exceptional fish farming facilities, the Ambracian Gulf had been the backyard of the Gouma family grandfather and great craftsman of authentic fish delicacies.

Following on his legacy, we decided that the Prevezanos packaging should have the simplicity and freshness of a good fish delicacy. A simple die cut on each package allows the consumer to see the quality of what he is selecting, while the fish were illustrated using the linocut printmaking technique. The result, a handmade, almost rough look, captures the manual, delicate production of these delicacies, as the Goumas family tradition dictates.


Tou Prevezanou5

Tou Prevezanou4

Tou Prevezanou3

Tou Prevezanou2




Tou Prevezanou

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