Torrent Wines had been growing grapes in the Swan Valley for three generations, but were looking to establish a new retail brand alongside their plans to build a cellar door and restaurant. The D’Angelo family needed a brand that would be authentic to them but also stand out from the crowd.
We established a brand strategy and product portfolio that celebrates their Italian heritage, and their philosophy that the three most important things in life are: family, food, and wine.
We developed an entry-level range called How To Speak Like An Italian, bringing a sense-of-humour to the stereotype that Italians like to speak with their hands.
Desiged by: Studio Lost & Found, Australia.
Torrent Italians 1
Torrent Italians 2
Torrent Italians 3
Torrent Italians 4
Torrent Italians 5

Torrent Wines 'How To Speak Like An Italian'

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