Agency: White Bear Studio, Tom Parker.

Description: While dairy free brands fight for market share amongst each other, we had a new challenger in town shaking things up AND doing things right in the dairy aisle. Tom Parker Creamery is going to disrupt dairy with free range, natural and sustainably packaged delicious products.

Tom Parker came to us with serious growth plans, ambitious targets and an inspiring vision. What they lacked was a brand that brought them into the modern age and supported them with their scale. They had no brand architecture to grow. Their brand was rooted in their heritage but failed to acknowledge the enterprising business that they were now. They wanted to retain their legacy while also firmly positioning themselves as the dairy brand of the future.

A clear differentiator for them was their free range cows, who are fed the finest feed, played music while they milked, have their own beds and even get their backs scratched. This naturally led us to developing the value proposition ‘Happy Cows, Happy Milk’ for them. Not to mention that their milk came in recyclable glass bottles. This sustainable differentiator spoke to consumers who wanted to make more conscious buying decisions but didn’t necessarily want to stop drinking dairy.

Each bottle of Tom Parker Milk features one of our girls front and center with every illustration hero-ing the luscious landscapes she lives in within her shape. These landscapes create natural environments, appetizing flavor cues and tasty textures to tell a yummy scrummy story.


Tom Parker Creamer Rebrand

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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