TOGETHERlist is a mission game tailored for couples and friends. As a designer and a girlfriend, I discovered that lots of couples are struggling for date ideas after they have been together for too long. To solve the problem, I created a survey asking men and women aged between 20-30 years old to list top 10 things they want to do with their partners. Some of the most popular answers were traveling, cooking, and learning new things together, etc., all of the answers thus became the missions in TOGETHERlist.
There are four simple ways to play the game: First, take out all the mission cards from the box and shuffle! then randomly choose a card and follow the instruction to start the game. Second, read the instruction on each mission card and pick the activities that you want to do with your partner. Third, play this game from the top point of the list to the bottom. Last but not least, you can also create your own way to play the game.
The purpose for the design is to help players discovering ideas for dates and to strengthen relationships between couples. The TOGETHERlist is not only limited to couples but is also a bonding game to play with friends. To top it off, don’t forget to mark and plan your date for your loved one with the calendar in the box!
Designed by: Wan Jan Lee, USA.


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