More stunning packaging coming out of Greece: The Secret Keepers, one of the finest harvesters or exquisite farm products from all over the world. The packaging features minimal design, with references to mysticism symbols and forms.

The Secret Keepers was founded by a group of young producers in Chalkidiki. It specializes in the production, standardization and trade of exquisite farm products all over the world, like virgin olive oil, green olives from Chalkidiki and different varieties of honey. Stages based on secret procedures are followed during the production. As keepers of secrets based on tradition, they create with respect towards nature, without any reduction in quality and with emphasis on high aesthetics. ‘The Secret Keepers’ call themselves the keepers of hidden secrets of tradition.
Designed by: dolphins // communication design, Greece.
Art Directors: Vasilis Papadopoulos, Thanasis Tsampoukas
Creative Directors: Hara Nika
Project Client: The Secret Keepers
The Secret Keepers
The Secret Keepers2
The Secret Keepers3
The Secret Keepers4
The Secret Keepers5
The Secret Keepers6
The Secret Keepers7 The Secret Keepers8

The Secret Keepers

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