Designed by: Jam&Co Design Pty Ltd, Australia.


The Salt Box came to Jam to create a packaging design solution on a constrained budget.

The design had to allow the brand to function in both the food and wellness categories.

The objective of the brief was to develop a brand architecture to allow a consumer who currently purchases a food product to still carry the link across to a wellness product.

The design was required to bring to life the key POD and at the same time communicate the product benefits to the consumer.

Roll out across a wide range

The design objective was to reflect the authentic, natural and gourmet side of the product whilst still retaining the fun and stylish aspects of the Salt Box brand.

Jam worked on the development of a wellness range of products which was roll out onto a:

Costco range,
Gift range and
Core range.
The Costco range was to be provided in a 3KG bag. The gift range was to be placed in a clear acrylic box with a box outer. The core range consisted of a variety of doy bags with variants being over stickered.

Inspired by the mineral of the salt

Marble was chosen because it’s composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals that reflect the authentic, natural and gourmet whilst being an icon for refined taste and culture.

This design was brought to life with a marble-like effect which allowed the background to be used in the core range and when it came to the gift range embellished with silver inks which really allowed the product to sit in a premium price point.

The variant colours were chosen based on a natural and earthy colour pallet.

The design structure and development created a strong and memorable range of products that allows the product to surprise, delight and nourish the consumer.


The Salt Box














The Salt Box

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