We were assigned to create a new brand for a Greek honey producer who aims at promoting the authenticity of the category, the pureness guaranteed by the low volume production as well as his own philosophy regarding the values included in doing ethical and sustainable business.

This philosophy, that reflects his commitment to maintaining and securing the production of pure, natural honey through a most traditional processing, is what triggered our creative approach. By monitoring a limited quantity of totally handmade honey, the producer delivers a unique, super healthy product of high nutritional values, and exceptional taste and aroma.

His profession gives the brand its name while he himself becomes the star of its storytelling. He is the only one to properly communicate the rationale behind his operational concept. For he is the Producer. The Lord of the Bees.

His face comes to life through a simple drawing, like with a pencil on a white piece of paper and with an almost childish lettering. The same simplicity applies to the drawing of the natural ingredients that give different colors and aromas to the 6 variations of this precious product.

The minimal design of the packaging with the mixed typography and the black & white printing concludes the branding concept of this limited production of pure, natural, authentic, high value Greek honey.



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Featured on Package Inspiration
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