Designd by: Aspa Chroneou,  Greece.


The Moirai | The thread of life
Unfold the thread of the story of an ancient myth and make an “Ef Zin” trip through the finest tastes of Greece. The authentic Greek tastes “THE MOIRAI” are inspired by the ancient Greek Mythology and specifically by the myth of the “Moires”, known as Fates, the three women that weaved with their yarn the bliss and the harmony of life.


The Moirai

The Moirai2

The Moirai3

The Moirai4

The Moirai5

The Moirai6

The Moirai7

The Moirai8

The Moirai9

The Moirai10

The Moirai11


The Moirai | The thread of life

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