Classic, rugged and modern is how I see The Iron Society. These classic men grooming products are designed to have a rugged feel yet everything still has a modern touch for that man looking to be well groomed.
“The Iron Society, is a private men’s barbershop focuses on the clean classic yet modern look of today’s well groomed man. It started with Chris DeSanty’s belief that very few things are as important as craftsmanship. At The Iron Society, their main focus is just that – it is all about precision and consistent As well as haircuts I offer a small line of handmade mens grooming products, such as pomade, bar soaps and a few more to come. Much like Brooklyn, The Iron Society is constantly growing and evolving to stay ahead of the game. My name is Chris DeSanty and The Iron Society is my project.”
“This is Chris DeSantys work space better known as The Iron Society. Specializing in mens classic haircuts from an era gone by. Its inspiring new looks from the borough that curates cool. The “Tony Bennet”-”the Flop” “the D.A” and the ever popular Pompadour are all part of Desantys repetoire. Back in the day it was a pretty regular routine to hit up your barber shop once a week for a fresh cut and hot shave and hang out for a bit…and since meeting DeSanty it has become my Monday evening ritual as well. A barber is a lot more than just some guy cutting your hair. A barber is someone you trust. Much like tattoo artists and bartenders they listen to your stories and even have a few of their own. They’re someone who relates to you while providing a service. They bring a sense of life back to a world thats getting better and better at ignoring each other.”
-michael, gentleman/client.
Source: The Iron Society.
The Iron Society
The Iron Society2
The Iron Society3
The Iron Society4
The Iron Society5
The Iron Society6
The Iron Society7

The Iron Society

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