Prior to the Christmas holidays, New Zealand agency Tenfold Creative sent out a mysterious, unbranded box to recipients all around the country. The box was understated with intriguing copy on the outer sleeve, which commented on the work-to-holiday mode switch.

“As the recipient opened the package they were provided with information to help adjust to this switch, a pie-graph card showed how time should be spent during the holiday season in comparison to at work (for instance, time spent ‘managing the inbox’ should be spent ‘managing the tan lines’). Lifting the card revealed a delicious version of the pie graph made out of creamy, milk chocolate.
The helpful and enjoyable nature of this piece reflects Tenfold’s strong service culture, either at work or on holiday. Using a pie chart stems from Tenfold’s core brand values – ‘creating better results’.”

Designed by: Tenfold CreativeNew Zealand
Tenfold Christmas Gift
Tenfold Christmas Gift2
Tenfold Christmas Gift3
Tenfold Christmas Gift4
Tenfold Christmas Gift5

Tenfold Christmas Gift

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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