Tea time is a flavored tea brand. It targets adults and strives to remind them of the value of relaxing by themselves once in a while. There is two main features of flavors and they are Chamomile and Green tea. The Tea Time product consist a organic tea line which is conscious with the environment. For the label I decide to make one model that allow to put inside all the different kinds of tea that has to offer (for now there is two flavors). For label of green tea is inserted leaf of green tea which is divided into geometrical forms. Each of these forms containing one tone of some colors (from blue to green). Reason for use this color tones is that this tea contains more types of green tea. On back label is set few pictograms to show properly way to prepare tea from home according to Tea Time indications, and in this way always enjoying in a perfect tea!
Designed by: Jovana Jankovic, Serbia.

Tea Time

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