The aim of the brief was to raise awareness about dangerous dogs, to educate, inform, persuade and question dog owners and the general public to become more safety aware. To answer the brief we chose to appeal emotionally, directing the campaign at dog owners, as our research suggested that this is where the fault often lies. We found that the best way to communicate with our target audience was to use dog food packaging.
Images shows the front of the packaging design. This has been designed so that the message being delivered is clear and concise. Back of the packaging gives the dog owner more details about the campaign, including a hard hitting fact and prevention tip.
The user has to tear the dog off the packaging to gain access to the food. This represents the potential loss of a dog if it is taken away for biting somebody.
Designed by:  Sam Tarpey, United Kingdom.
Take the Lead
Take the Lead2

Take the Lead

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