SWOX protection is a specific developed sunscreen to protect surfer, snowboarder and other athletes from extreme sun exposure.The product is made for those who follow their passion of sports activity and require sunscreen out in the ocean or up on the mountains. SWOX offers maximum protection for those who cannot relay on conventional sunscreens products.
“We’re a group of young surfers and snowboarders. We grew up surfing in Australia and snowboarding in Switzerland. Our passion for outdoor sports was only matched by our frustration with most sun protection products, which were never designed for the extreme conditions on the ocean or mountain. Traditional sunscreens don’t absorb and easily run into your eyes, leaving you vulnerable to stinging, sunburn, premature aging, or even serious disease, especially if you spend as much time outdoors as we do“.
The packaging was designed to be simple, functional and engage with the surf and snowboard culture. The packaging comes is a handy 50 ml tube, which makes it easy to travel with. The outside packaging for the SWOX sunscreen carries all the important information. The individual packaging show an action shot of a surfer catching a wave at sunset for the surf sunscreen and a snowboarder carving through snow for the snow sunscreen.
The simple but dynamic design for the SWOX sunscreen takes a proactive approach on sun protection for athletes and people that enjoy the outside.
“The best sunscreen on the market”.
-Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams, Surf photographer.
Designed by: Ralph Kenke, Australia.
swox sunscreen
swox sunscreen2
swox sunscreen3
swox sunscreen4
swox sunscreen5
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Swox Sunscreen

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