The opportunity has been identified for TetraPak and Super M to not only educate, but also encourage consumers to recycle. The shape of the pack is specifically designed to be crushed after consumption, so that the pack will take up as little space as possible in the recycling bin.
This limited promotion will consist of primary packaging for the four current Super M flavours as well as secondary packaging that can be modified into a display board. The packaging will serve as a platform for TetraPak to communicate directly to the target market, which is children in primary school. At this age children are very self-centered and has a very big need for praise. The majority enjoy school associations and have a desire to learn. They are greatly excited by anything new because curiosity is active and their memory is strong.
In order for this packaging design to successfully communicate the message and encourage recycling, the brand has to be easily recognizable in the design. Through the use of Super M identifiers (logo and milk splashes at the tot and bottom of the pack) as well as Super M’s fun and playful look and feel, the brand is easily identified in the design. This playfulness is pulled through the whole packaging design. The pack also has to communicate Clover’s promise that business should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and encourage the development of environmentally friendly technologies. Clover strives to manage its business in such a manner that the environment is adequately protected, and the use of natural resources is minimised to contribute towards the sustainability. This responsibility relates to operations within Clover’s control and to Clover’s supply chain partners, who in the course of supplying Clover, could be responsible for significant environmental impacts.
The packaging is designed to educate children on the impact of logging for commercial use. The inferior management of logging causes deforestation which in turn has a big impact on the planet with effects such as soil erosion, flooding, climate change, decreased habitat etc. The pack will therefore educate consumers on these aspects by attaching characters to the specific causes discussed on the pack. The secondary pack will be used to explain the connection between deforestation, soil erosion, flooding, climate change and recycling. The words: “Recycle and become a Superhereo” are prominent in the design. The customer needs to engage with the pack, thus the pack should be visually attractive, in this way the customer wants to engage with the pack and find the experience pleasant. If the customers have a positive attitude towards the pack, odds are the customer will remember the message better and for longer. The shape of the pack is specifically designed to be crushed after consumption so that the pack will take up as little space as possible in the recycling bin, which in turn decrease the amount of plastic bags used in the recycling process. Eco-friendliness is a key factor considered throughout the design process. Only Recyclable paper will be used for both primary and secondary packaging. TetraPak Liquid Board packaging will be used for the primary pack and Kraft Grade Corrugated Board for the secondary pack.
Designed by: Minda Kok, South Africa.

Super M

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