Designed by: Zilin YEE, Malaysia.


Super Delicious Limited Company is a conceptual brand of chocolate product based on the idea of the joss paper culture, telling a story of the rituals of burning joss paper with its own intrinsic value . This project is an impressive votive illustration of chocolate packaging design reminiscing the visual elements of Chinese joss paper culture.

Inspired from QingMing Jie or Tomb Sweeping Day, there’s a folk belief in China that when burning the joss paper or hell money at the ancestors graves, they will receive it in the afterlife. The people believe the existence of the soul of the dead and try to find ways to communicate with the souls through the burning paper rituals. Meanwhile , when people burn incense and joss paper to pray, they believe their prayers will follow the smoke of incense to reach the souls of the dead. As if dead is not the end of life but a continuation of routines in another world that is hopeful to be happy and prosperous.











Super Delicious Limited Company

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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