This project received Awards for Runner Up, and Judges Special Mention
This is a project for Goldpack, where a package has to be designed that does not: 1 belong to any company, 2 share any ties to any brand and 3, does not exist yet. Out of the three possible product choices, Cheese, Motor Oil and a Sports Drink. My choice was Project 3: Sports Drink. Develop the brand, a basic product concept, and most importantly the packaging design for a new sports drink aimed at health conscious South African
Something new, having the target market in mind, this product is: eco-friendly, practical, a natural preserver with flat pack functionality, designed with aesthetic qualities to attract and intrigue potential clients.
The DNA for this package is Sports/ Natural/ Health. The relationship the consumer shares with this product as sporty/ fit people who wants a beverage after an exercise session, or for the occasional consumer who feels fatigued is also welcome. There are many sports beverages out there, but some contain so many extra chemicals and additives, to enhance the colours, flavour and to preserve them, and it’s those drinks that are a contradiction to the drink itself and its purpose.
As a form of inspiration I have found three recipes off the internet, that gives instructions as to how to create a drink consisting of only fresh and natural ingredients. This guided and directed me to the method of packaging chosen for this project.
Designed by: Nicolene van der Vorst, South Africa.

Student Goldpack Competition

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