While working at Response Marketing, I was assigned to take Lisa Sotero’s tattoo-inspired illustrations of the Stony Creek Brewery’s mascot, the heron, and turn them into stunning new beer labels. Stony Creek was simultaneously undergoing a complete rebrand including, logo, website, packaging of 2 current beers and 7 new beers, as well as building new brewery. Starting with a clean slate and blessings from client to move forward with bold new design concepts, the seasonal series was developed. This design introduces the new illustration heavy branding of Stony Creek with three 2-color designs that aim capture the feelings of the season and reflect the unique flavors of the beers.
Designed by: Ashley Marshall, USA.
Stony Creek
Stony Creek2
Stony Creek3
Stony Creek4
Stony Creek5
Stony Creek6
Stony Creek7
Stony Creek8
Stony Creek9
Stony Creek10

Stony Creek Brewery Seasonal Beer Series

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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