Stock Box is a camping store that provides camping essentials for campers of rang of experiences from ages ranging from 20-35. The goal for Stock Box was to create a store that would attract young individuals to encourage them to explore the outdoors.The brand is aiming to capture a sense of a contemporary urbanite, grunge style with a modern touch.

One of the challenges faced when developing the brand logo is finding elements for the logo. Since the logo is meant to represent a contemporary urban style, it seemed that a word mark with a grungy touch is more fitting. Another challenge was drawing animal characters in a style that seems fun and cartoony but at the same time avoiding making it look like a product for children.

Designed by: Mashel Alsahafi, Canada.


Stock Box

Stock Box2

Stock Box3

Stock Box4

Stock Box5

Stock Box6




Stock Box

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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