Designed by: Ajesh Narayanan.

Sprig, a gourmet food brand from Kerala has over 45 distinctive products to offer to the global Indian consumer. It’s a brand made for people who love food. It is made for people who believe that good food can truly make you happy.
The brand’s latest line of caramel spreads was aimed at the sweet-toothed and women in particular. According to a study conducted by GrubHub, women are 25 percent more likely than men to order dessert and also, unfortunately more likely to experience the much dreaded ‘dessert guilt’. The objective was to dismiss this guilt, legitimise decadence and make consumers feel good when they spoil themselves occasionally.
We figured the solution to dispel the ‘dessert guilt’ lay in the branding. Therefore, we decided to make that emotional connection by christening our products, ‘Jar of Love’, ‘Jar of Bliss’ and ‘Jar of Joy’ after the positive feelings that one experienced when indulging in desserts. We announced the names boldly on the labels with full-bodied, vivacious typography. Vivid colours were used against a rich black background to bring alive those emotions. The die-cut depicting the caramel dripping was introduced to induce drool value and to gently prod one to give in to the temptation sans guilt.




Sprig – Caramel Spreads

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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