Spectrum is a fictitious lighting company created for a packing project in my Graphic Design Studio class. The aim of the project was to recreate light bulb packaging to be visually interesting and at the same time protect the bulb. The solution was a strong hexagonal box that housed the bulb suspended in an insert in order to prevent the bulb from touching the walls. A package was create for a LED bulb, a CLF bulb, and a Halogen bulb. 
Designed by: Nicholas Menghini, USA.
Spectrum Light Bulbs Spectrum Light Bulbs2
Spectrum Light Bulbs3
Spectrum Light Bulbs4
Spectrum Light Bulbs5
Spectrum Light Bulbs6
Spectrum Light Bulbs7
Spectrum Light Bulbs8
Spectrum Light Bulbs9
Spectrum Light Bulbs10
Spectrum Light Bulbs11
Spectrum Light Bulbs12
Spectrum Light Bulbs13

Spectrum Light Bulbs

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