Designed by: Rayz Ong, Singapore.

Soultanicals is an earthy, self-love collection of hand-crafted, soul-infused, melanin-inspired, body/hair love products made with a unique blend of organic, plant-based, herbal, and African botanical ingredients. Soultanicals brings a new, soulistic concept to the marketplace. A fresh, new approach with a distinct earthy flava. We do not just plan to deliver just another body lotion or hair cream to the marketplace; we strive to produce goodies that awaken the spirit.


Soultanicals 1

Soultanicals 2

Soultanicals 3

Soultanicals 4

Soultanicals 5

Soultanicals 6

Soultanicals 7

Soultanicals 8

Soultanicals 9

Soultanicals 10

Soultanicals 11

Soultanicals 12

Soultanicals 13




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