The aim of my brief was to produce my own brand of ale, revisiting an old project in Level 5 and bringing it to life. The initial idea was to link the brand of the ale to a small pub in Donegal called “Smugglers Cove”. I would produce finished products, i.e. bottled versions of the ale, packaging, beer mats, business cards, posters, and a website. I am interested in the drink industry, branding and promotional material which made this project interesting and exciting.

I had several ideas for the logo, creating a logo which suited the name and theme of the brand was key. Choosing appropriate typefaces for the branding was very important. I also created brand guidelines so that people can understand how to use my logo and how not to use my logo.

Designed by: David Henry, United Kingdom.


Smugglers Ale

Smugglers Ale2

Smugglers Ale3

Smugglers Ale4

Smugglers Ale5

Smugglers Ale6

Smugglers Ale7

Smugglers Ale8

Smugglers Ale9

Smugglers Ale10

Smugglers Ale11

Smugglers Ale12

Smugglers Ale13

Smugglers Ale14




Smugglers Ale

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