This is an packaging concept to a skin care family products. The brand environment is around the science and technological treatment.

The first thing associates with science is the lab stuff like glass test tubes, metals and pipettes. The shapes of this things are very particular and the intention of design was to appropriate of it to give identity to the packages. This is an expensive product and to accomplish the price, aluminum were used on the caps and glass on the body, to give a clean and sophisticated visual.

The inspirations for this job came from the design of Dieter Rams, and the only element that linger in the design are the shapes of the tubes.

Special thanks to my friend, Christopher Chefel who help me with the 3D.

Designed by: Cristiano Gonçalo, Brazil.


Under Skin

Under Skin2

Under Skin3

Under Skin4

Under Skin5



Under Skin

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