The subject of this paper is about the packaging design of the most famous Mezcal in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. From the ancient mysterious Aztecs culture and extraction of art language, through the overall design of packaging design interpretation of this Mexican has a special alcohol source, practice, taste, color and shape its cultural tourism value. Followed by the introduction of Mezcal packaging characteristics, value and change.
In recent years, many large Mezcal brands decided to improve their packaging image, but still hovering in the original customary style of Mexico, this topic shaping Skall’s new Mezcal brand, seeking design breakthrough habits , To attract more consumers, while being among the international market, highlighting the cultural properties of the design purposes. And the Aztecs Gods and modern style together, to make a unique brand image design.

Designed by: Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz, Mexico.


SKALL Mezcal

SKALL Mezcal1


SKALL Mezcal3

SKALL Mezcal4

SKALL Mezcal5

SKALL Mezcal6

SKALL Mezcal7

SKALL Mezcal9

SKALL Mezcal10

SKALL Mezcal11




SKALL Mezcal

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