EPDA – DIY Save Food 2014
Ready grown herbs are difficult to water correctly (or we forget to water them) and they often die before they are all used resulting in waste. Current methods for prolonging freshness are centred around cutting the herbs and putting them in the fridge or in a vase of water like flowers. A longer lasting and more holistic approach would be to keep them alive in their pots; providing fresh herbs in the kitchen along with delicious aromas and beautiful greenery. The solution…
Research started on Parsley using two different methods for self-watering over a 7 day period. The method that worked was then tested on Basil over a 7 day period. Both tests included a Control subject that received no water. The method that worked on both plants was then developed into the packaging.
Designed by: Duncan Anderson, Finland.

How it works:

Self-Watering Herbs3
Self-Watering Herbs4
Self-Watering Herbs5
Self-Watering Herbs6
Self-Watering Herbs7
Self-Watering Herbs8
Self-Watering Herbs9
Self-Watering Herbs10
Self-Watering Herbs11
Self-Watering Herbs12

Self-Watering Herbs13Jute twine connects the bottom of the pot to the water and provides moisture to the roots. The twine is 100% biodegradable.

Self-Watering Herbs14

Self-Watering Herbs15Comparison:

Self-Watering Herbs16This photo was taken after ten days of plants purchased at the same time. The one on the left had been on the self-watering system while the one on the right received no water.


Self-Watering Herbs

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