Designed by: Paige Medlock, South Africa.

The brief for this project outlined that we design a self-promotional project to promote ourselves as designers. We were required to design a logo and business card for this and it also had to contain a direct mailer, promotional item and a snippet element that linked to three other design projects that we had completed in this year.
For this project, my concept was to promote myself as a craft gin. The reason behind this association is because of the nature of this drink which relates to my personality. For example, gin is a clean, quiet but strong drink with harmonious characteristics which is how I would describe myself. The craft side of the concept relates to how I perceive myself as unique and individual with my own personality, abilities, characteristics and so forth. Someone that is different from everyone else which is what a craft product aims to be. Along with the craft gin, I also made use of bitters which is something that you add to drinks like gin in order to create new and infused flavors and combinations. These bitters I associated with my skills and attributes that, when added to myself – the craft gin – create my designs and work.
Craft 3
Craft 4
Craft 5
Craft 6
Craft 7
Craft 8
Craft 9
Craft 10
Craft 11
Craft 12

Self-Promotion Project: Designer P Craft Gin and Bitters

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