The Cuban Culture is vast in beauty and spirit, but what’s most appealing are their cigars. Cuba is now open for the United States to travel, and everyone is going for a very particular cigar. A Cohiba cigar.


Our objective was to create a special edition packaging for Cohiba’s 50th anniversary. Then, create deliverables that would amplify and showcase Cohiba’s Brand and the re-opening of Cuba to America for the Sobe Food and Wine Festival in South Beach, Florida.


To launch this special edition we developed the campaign, “Savor the Moment,” which would encourage the customer to share experiences with those while having a token cigar. Within this campaign we created interactive advertisements, banners, humidor, press kit, menu and pop up cigar bar.


My participation in this project comes in many forms. I participated in research, strategy, brainstorming and ideation.  I contributed to the name of the campaign and some of the physical deliverables presented in the final production. I also put together the humidor.

Designed by: Brionna Catrow, USA.


Savor The Moment

Savor The Moment2

Savor The Moment3

Savor The Moment4

Savor The Moment5

Savor The Moment6

Savor The Moment7

Savor The Moment8

Savor The Moment9

Savor The Moment10

Savor The Moment11

Savor The Moment12

Savor The Moment13

Savor The Moment14

Savor The Moment15

Savor The Moment16

Savor The Moment17




Savor The Moment | Cuban Cigars

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