To answer the thirst young adults have for new experiences, we and our client Hartwall decided to serve them a totally unexpected drink. It was co-created together with Finnish youth, who we asked to taste a lot of different new drinks, and share their opinions on them. Eventually we landed on something to get excited about: Royal Cargo – a beer mix that combines beer and apple cider to create a whole new drink category. Next we did the branding, packaging design and launch campaign on social media.
Designed by: 358 HelsinkiMikael KiveläJenni Mallinen, Finland.
Royal Cargo
Royal Cargo2
Royal Cargo3
Royal Cargo4
Royal Cargo5
Royal Cargo6
Royal Cargo7
Royal Cargo9
Royal Cargo10
Royal Cargo11
Royal Cargo12
Royal Cargo13
Royal Cargo14
Royal Cargo15
Royal Cargo16

Royal Cargo

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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