Designed by: Andrea Broad

Route 62 Olive Oil Packaging Concept

This was another client brief that was an assignment for Open Window. It was a requirement to do research behind the brand of the client and to create a new range of designs for the new flavours of the respective clients. The clients included the following Dutch Courage Beer, Hopscotch Peanut Butter, Powa Pap, Route 62 Olive Oil, Tahona Tequila, and Pioneira Spices.

I decided to choose Route 62 Olive Estate as my client and went with the concept of innovation in tradition. The idea was to show their customers that although they are sticking to their traditional ways of making olive oil, they have also decided to expand on their product range.

Within the design, I decided to make use of an illustrative style to relate back to the traditional ways. I, then, ensured that the rest of the design remained clean and minimalistic to ensure that the company appears as professional and innovative.

I also decided to make use of different colours for the different colours of flavours of olive oil which are garlic, basil, and coriander. I also made use of a gold label sticker around the top of the bottle to give it the appearance of being rich and luxurious.





Route 62 Olive Oil

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