Rota das Cores is a project that comes in the academic context, as graduate project of Bachelor Design and Advertising.
Rota das Cores is the name that was given to sea voyages of the Portuguese in Brazil, at the time of discovery. This was the name chosen for the range of spices and giving mood to any conceptualization of the project.
All graphic design of the packaging revolves around the theme “travel”. The idea that is intended to convey is that all the spices come directly from their country of origin to the final consumer, with all its properties and benefits.
The glass was chosen for the conservation of spices for being a tough, practical and hygienic materials and each label is specifically made ​​in accordance with the product that carries support, making known all their properties in a comprehensive way, as a full benefits of the drug they were.
For the exterior, the material chosen was the card, referring to orders coming from abroad, as all graphic communication that inspires us tickets.
Designer: Rita Clemente, Portugal.
School: ESEIG
Rota das Cores
Rota das Cores2
Rota das Cores3
Rota das Cores4
Rota das Cores5
Rota das Cores6
Rota das Cores7
Rota das Cores8
Rota das Cores9
Rota das Cores10

Rota das Cores

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