Our second to last project for Graphic Design II was to create the packaging for a fictional brand of alcohol. While working on this project, I challenged myself to create a bottle that is slightly more traditional in its design. I wanted to create a bottle that wouldn’t seem out of place on a shelf, yet commanded the opportunity to explore my cultural roots and the art of Panama.
I chose the Diablico, a traditional character in Panamanian folklore that is known for its highly ornamented mask. The mask served as inspiration for the logo, as well as the decoration on the hand-lettering. The fully costumed character can be seen on the opposite side of the label. The logo and a painting (to add a pop of color) can be found on the tag detailing the origins of the Diablico.
Ron Diablico is a very strong Panamanian rum for the seasoned drinker looking to explore. It comes in a hand-crafted oak box for storage and display.
Designed by: Austin Smoldt-Saenz,  USA.
Ron Diablico
Ron Diablico2
Ron Diablico3
Ron Diablico4
Ron Diablico5
Ron Diablico6

Ron Diablico Rum Bottle Mockup

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