Roasted Therapy – a collaboration between ARGO Espresso and Yard Skincare.

Aldershots Design Studio had an amazing opportunity working with Yard Skincare AND Argo Espresso on creating a collaborated Identity that represented it’s high quality coffee – and what better other way than to do so by creating a coffee scrub?! 

With all the refreshing and hydrating benefits a coffee scrub could offer Yard Skincare and Argo Espresso created 4 amazingly beautiful coffee scrubs, each offering an individual benefit called Roasted Therapy.

Aldershots Design Studio created a minimalistic, raw yet punchy personality for Roasted Therapy. The brand design has been executed with an eye-catching, earthy style to convey the local organic values of the brand. 

Roasted Therapy’s Branding consisted of:
Logo design | Packaging design | Label design | Website to come! 
Designed by: Alana AldersonAldershots Design StudioAustralia.
Roasted Therapy Roasted Therapy2 Roasted Therapy3 Roasted Therapy4 Roasted Therapy5 Roasted Therapy6

Roasted Therapy

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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