*Market-O : Market-O is one of brand marketing in Orion.co (Korean major snack company)
Meaning of Market-O is Good backery snack from nature(organic) in Orion.
The major products of Market-O are chocoletes and candies.
Also, their package concept is vintage style like letro or pin-up girl
This project is renewal Market-O candy package. The main points of my works are keeping Pin-up girl style and naming for each flavor. Because i wanna express strong identity for each girl (for Emma, Sindy, and Sarah). Also, I chose tin-case for keeping retro style! I am sure retro pin-up girl illustration + tin-case = perfect old fashion package style. Hope you enjoy it  (:
Designed by: Hanna Ryu, South Korea.
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy2
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy3
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy4
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy5
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy6
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy
[Retro Pin-up Girl Candy8

Retro Pin-up Girl Candy

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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