TBWA continues to evolve the design for Renée Voltaire, this time in the breakfast product range. The body of work included conceptualization of the range as well as naming and design.
Renée Voltaire was one of the first players in the organic segment. When the brand launched it was relatively unique in design.
Now, as more and more brands have taken organic positions and signal organic cues in their communication, it was time for Renée Voltaire’s design to take the next step – to once again stand out on the shelves.
The breakfast range is named Lovely Morning, inspired by the thought that a good morning can set the tone for the entire day. Because of this, bright, energetic colors and symmetric patterns were used to instill a sense of vibrancy and balance. The range includes three different flavors of Crunchy Granola and Fruity Nutty Muesli.
Art Director Alexander Fredlund and Designer Christian Styffe are responsible for the design and illustration work at TBWA. The working group also includes Håkan Engler, Planner and Robert Schelin, Account Director.
Designed by TBWA Stockholm,  Sweden.
Renee Voltaire
Renee Voltaire2
Renee Voltaire3
Renee Voltaire4
Renee Voltaire5
Renee Voltaire6
Renee Voltaire7
Renee Voltaire8

Renee Voltaire

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