Designed by: Drishti Taori, India.
Project Type: Student project
Packaging Contents: 3 boxes serving basic medicines and first aid
Packaging Substrate/ Materials: Duplex Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

The unique points of the packaging: In this Packaging of the mini medical kit, a person can check the symptoms and take the medicines accordingly for that particular ailment.
Project Description: The Target audience for this packaging is students aged 13-18 years. Sometimes students mostly go out for school trips, competitions, trekking etc and their parents provide them with the basic medicines to be taken and a first aid in case of emergency. They even tell them the type of medicines to be taken for a particular sickness. Also, the students when searching for a medicine, they get mixed up and get confused even more. So, the packaging, REMEDY NOW provides 3 basic boxes of stomach related medicines, flu related medicines and a basic first aid. Inside each box, the symptoms of basic problems (ailments) are given, and separate compartments for each medicine of different problems. It becomes easy for the students to get the right medicine for their ailment.
Since, it is a medical kit and to make it less serious and clinical for such type of target audience, some patterns of pop art has been used to make it interesting.
Remedy Now

Remedy Now- A mini medical kit (concept)

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