This is a project I have been working in the Packaging lesson at BAU, Escola Superior de Disseny de Barcelona this semester. The briefing was to redesign a toner packaging, and present it in the four different colors CMYK. Tired of the boring and average packagings, I tried to flip it and convert them to something interesting, ”beautiful” and still practic. The concept is the change of quality when you use Canon inks. The line between color, and REAL COLOR, using some animals to explain that change when you use Canon.
Designed by: Carlos Rollán, Spain.
Redesigning a Toner Packaging
Redesigning a Toner Packaging2
Redesigning a Toner Packaging3
Redesigning a Toner Packaging4
Redesigning a Toner Packaging5
Redesigning a Toner Packaging7
Redesigning a Toner Packaging8
Redesigning a Toner Packaging9

Redesigning a Toner Packaging

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