Agency: Tricycle Studio


This is one of Pablo Gil’s personal projects as Tricycle Studio, a little different and curious, which helps to visualize his design and 3D (CGI) skills in execution, using an alternative way to show the quality, detail and care forged through 15 years of experience in this field. A glassy and elegant resume that bottles the story of Pablo Gil’s professional journey with Tricycle Studio.

The ring of the studio’s logo transferred to the bottle’s bas-relief, aligns the identity and links the studio’s specialty and current location, giving start to this story. Its features portray the style, quality of work, and dedication he provides in this project.

The liquid contained in the bottle is red, as the studio’s logo, thus closing the set of elements in the bottle that tell who Pablo Gil is, with an air of mysticism that emulates the atmosphere that surrounds the most intimate tasting experience of the best liqueurs in the world.


Red Spirit CV Project

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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