The most important element of Dansoap, as a brand, is probably their packaging. Before a consumer gets the opportunity to be drawn and attached to the product itself, they are going to be drawn to the packaging. I wanted to stick with the original bag that Dansoap uses, which is a foil lined paper bag ( completely recyclable). Originally, they used an unbleached kraft paper bag, so I made a version using the brown colored bag, but ultimately I fell in love with the absolutely clean, white bag.

Designed by: Jessica Sandy, USA.


Rebranding Dansoap1

Rebranding Dansoap

Rebranding Dansoap7

Rebranding Dansoap6

Rebranding Dansoap5

Rebranding Dansoap4

Rebranding Dansoap3

Rebranding Dansoap2


Rebranding Dansoap

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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