Designed by: Chassagne Camille & Léa Marque, France.

“Le miel est le symbole solaire par excellence, comme quintessence végétale de la lumière exaltée dans les fleurs.”

Since antiquity, honey has been the universal essence that keeps humanity in its delicate balance. Through its production chain, honey acts as the link between flora, fauna and humanity, a testament to the fundamental importance of bees in the ecosystem.

The packaging for jars of rosemary honey from France reflects honey’s divine essential nature. Alluding to the bee’s connection between the three parts of the production chain, and also to the mysticism of the number three, the packaging is divided into three components. The two sections of the interior packaging close around the jar of honey, as the bottle’s hive-like lid disappears into the structure. Like nature without bees, the packaging cannot function without the honey at its centre.

The geometric tessellation of a beehive is distilled into a more practical structure, the silhouette of a square. The packaging, reminiscent of the elegance of a jewelry box, creates a sense of occasion suitable to honey’s precious nature. The double layered glass of the final product allows the bottle to act as a window, where light reflects through the packaging, illuminating its outline like a precious gem.
















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Featured on Package Inspiration
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