A red celebration, wine nectar charged with emotion, pride and longing, which comprises the most heartfelt tribute to the grandfather of Stéphane and Vanessa Ferreira, known as Pôpa and engine Ferreira family dream – initiated by José Ferreira (aka Zeca do Pôpa). In the back label reads as a heartfelt dedication written by the grandchildrens of Pôpa.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging:
The package aims to report the tribute (Homenagem) to Francisco Ferreira – the Pôpa – and his dream that gives the name to the project / winery / wine producer Quinta do Pôpa. From his portrait and tribute written by his grandchildrens, was intended to create an elegant label, but at the same time relaxed with the message itself underpinned.

Designed by: Quinta do Pôpa, Portugal.

Label: Rui Costa
Website: www.quintadopopa.com

Quinta do Pôpa

Quinta do Pôpa2

Quinta do Pôpa3

Quinta do Pôpa4




Quinta do Pôpa HOMENAGEM 2009

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