Qualitea is a unique tea brand designed to keep both the taste of the tea and the environment in mind. Our tea packaging was created to minimize waster while still sealing in the flavour for good cup after good cup of the various variants of tea we offer. Whether you want to start your day with a cup of English Breakfast, wind down with some Orange Pekoe, or add a splash of flavour with Blueberry, our tea is sure to let you spend some quality time with your senses. Once you’re done, our packaging handily converts into a planter that can add some life to your home while still pouring out the aromatic freshness our tea has to offer. Our packaging is designed to be simple and classical, combining bright colours with simplistic typography that will attract a wide variety of consumers to our product. We decided to utilize styles and type that is reminiscent of “hipster” styling, with characterized vectors paired with banners and classical typefaces to achieve a coherent look.

The objective of this project was to create a system of tea packaging that could be both environmentally friendly and still maintain an appropriate emphasis on the flavours of the tea itself, and on the consumer’s purchasing the product. The goal at the end was to create a cohesive system that could be used to store, serve and protect the tea bags for use as both tea and fertilizer. We found using tins would likely be a better route, simply for the quality of seal and the robust structure they provided. Along with the use of tins, the tea bags would no longer have to be sealed, simply because the tin itself would lock in freshness. Tins also help to keep the tea safe, and cut down on the amount of packaging required overall, for where paper containers require each bag to be packed inside individual packets, a tea tin can have them be loose, but still maintain the taste required to maintain the standards of the Qualitea brand. Tins also allow for more possible second lives, with our current ones of storage and use as a planter.

Designed by: Liam Lawlor, Canada.











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