Qēt came to Modern Species, a Seattle-based sustainable design studio, to craft a brand that would be as beautiful and natural as the products they lovingly create. The skin care products themselves are made from high-quality, ultra-fresh and often organic ingredients, so the packaging needed to represent that level quality and commitment to responsibility. The solution was to create a elegant system that packed all the necessary information onto the tree-free stone paper labels, eliminating the need for outer boxes. For the smaller labels that couldn’t fit all the information, we developed a half-box solution that attaches to the bottles with a lock-tab, reducing waste and saving the costs of printing full boxes – all while presenting the products in an elegant frame.
• Saved the client money and reduced waste by eliminating outer boxes on large products, and by using a half-box hang tag solution for smaller products.
• Saved trees and water with the tree-free stone “paper” labels.
• Used 100% post-consumer recycled paper for half boxes.
Designed by Modern Species, United States.
Qet Botanical Beauty1
Qet Botanical Beauty2
Qet Botanical Beauty3
Qet Botanical Beauty4
Qet Botanical Beauty5
Qet Botanical Beauty6
Qet Botanical Beauty7
Qet Botanical Beauty

Qet Botanical Beauty

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