With the upcoming trend of streetfood, the litter on the streets also increased. This causes unnecessary damage to the environment. Disposable streetfood packaging is also often not user-friendly for both the consumer and the cook. For example hygiene, maintaining temperature, storage and transport aspects.
In response to this problem, I designed the Pull Wrap Packaging. Because of the additional pull strap, the dish can be pulled up so the consumer doesn’t have to touch the dish with their hands. The packaging is made out of one piece and has no separate or detachable parts. Food scraps remain inside the packaging and because of the used material (GC2 cardboard) the outside of the packaging remains clean. These solutions hinders the consumer less while searching for a dumpster, so consumers will throw this packaging less quick on the street.
The Pull Wrap packaging is ergonomically designed for both cook and consumer. The packaging is stackable, an important aspect in the space of a street food truck. The packaging only needs five fast actions ready to give away. The packaging is resealable so the packaging is suitable for on-the-go and consuming the dish on the spot. The Pull Wrap packaging also protects the wrap from outside influences and keeps the wrap warm.This packaging is also suitable for paninis, Turkish pizzas and Vietnamese spring rolls.
Designed by: Matthijs Kok, Netherlands.
Pull Wrap
Pull Wrap2
Pull Wrap3
Pull Wrap4
Pull Wrap5

Pull Wrap Packaging

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