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Pretend you went to Barcelona this summer with this aperitif kit
El Bandarra Aperitif presents a kit to fake your holidays in Barcelona. It contains beach sand to spread in your shoes, an ugly souvenir for your friends, a receipt for an overpriced paella and many other crazy features.
Every year, the arrival of good weather is the starting gun for Brits to go and seek sun, parties and beaches in one of our favourite European destinations: Barcelona.This year that quick trip isn’t quite possible yet and for this reason the aperitif brand from Barcelona, El
Bandarra, has launched a limited-edition “Pretend you went to Barcelona Starter Pack”, which includes all you need to pretend you’ve been to one of the sunniest cities in Spain.
The limited edition box includes a fake tan to give you a touch of Spanish sun, a handful of beach sand to sprinkle on your bags and shoes, a fake police report for your ‘stolen wallet’, a receipt for an overpriced paella, Barcelona’s tackiest fridge magnet from Sagrada Familia, a pair of earrings and a hand fan that supposedly belong to a flamenco dancer, and the jewel in the crown, a 1L bottle of El Bandarra Al Fresco along with two cans of Fever-Tree tonic and a tall glass to make your own El Bandarra Al Fresco aperitif. A drink so good, you’ll be near fluent in Spanish.
El Bandarra Al Fresco is a natural and refreshing aperitif made from rosé Grenache wine and Mediterranean botanicals such as orange, cherry blossom and grapefruit to create a soft, bittersweet aperitif.The perfect serve is one part El Bandarra Al Fresco and two parts tonic, garnished with an orange wedge. At 14.5%, El Bandarra Al Fresco results in a lower alcoholic drink when topped up with tonic for that aperitif moment or “Al Fresco hour” that will transport you to Barcelona in just one sip.


Pretend you went to Barcelona Starter Pack

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