Precisely! is a packaging concept for sauces and dressings. The challenge was to design a packaging which would stand out from the market leaders and other staid generic packagings. Along with the distinctive appearance, it was important that the packaging would be easy to handle and dispense. Precisely! is mainly targeted for small households who appreciate good quality. Packaging pops up from the store shelf with it’s distinct shape and discreet color sheme. The packaging fits nicely in your hand and the grip on the back of the bottle ensures the hold. The cap is the unique part of the design; it has two sides. Pouring side is designed to make the sauce flow out nice and tidy. It’s handy in situations where you want to have a lot of sauce quickly. For example, making a pizza, for marinade or dipping. The side with the smaller hole is useful when you want to spice up a meal with a certain, smaller amount of the chosen sauce or dressing.

Designed by: Vilma Favén, Finland.












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Featured on Package Inspiration
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