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Prawtein is the first raw pet food company in Kuwait and across the region. It is the only company to provide raw pet food using human-grade ingredients, free from grains and fillers, preservatives, and anything nasty, by this, giving pet owners the reassurance that they are feeding their pets healthy and tasty food.

Our challenge was to rebrand the company and create packaging for more than 10 flavors. Feeding dogs and cats raw meat is more nature-friendly than giving them processed foods. This is the best thing to give them because they always seek to eat something that can be found in nature. Taking into consideration that fact we decided to show animals in their natural habitat. The selected tagline is, “as it should be.”
By this, we want to emphasize the fact that the brand produces only raw meat without any additives or preservatives.
















Prawtein Raw Pet Food

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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