Innovative popcorn package which pops up and work as a popcorn serving container.
Popcorn package was designed for a conceptual brand, ‘Mr. & Miss Popcorn’. The two graphical characters on packaging are two flavors of popcorn, the salt and caramel. It is a multi-functional design used both as a product package and a serving container. I used the pop-up style form for the package.
This container is easy to carry and easy store before cooking since it has an even form and compressed space. Pop-up allows room for the expanding pop corn cooking inside the micro wave oven. This container expands from 896 cm3 to 2240 cm3 which is 250% of the on shelf package size.
Package has a dye cut hole to be punched when putting to the micro wave. This is needed for the ventilation when preparing. A strap is used to hold the package upper and lower parts together.
Inspiration of the function- Pop out
Graphic appeal:
The existing competitive popcorn packages don’t consist of attractive graphics. These packages bring two characters that differentiate the two flavors and enhance consumer appeal. When it pops up the inner red oil paper gives an interesting visual change to the characters. The graphics used in the strap resembles a hair band that merge with the rest of the character details.
Designed by: Vijani Bulumulla, Sri Lanka.
Popcorn 4
Popcorn 3
Popcorn 2
popcorn package

Popcorn Package Design

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