Designed by: Alessandra Castelbarco Albani, Italy.


The Italian practice PLUS ULTRA studio has created a series of chocolate squared bars for their new year wishes.

The bars have been designed on purpose and homemade with three different chocolate: dark, milk and white.

Their multifaceted surface, with different patterns, is a symbolic representation of the multidisciplinary approach of the office, but it also recalls a sort of roofscape or a tile. The projects has been developed by 3D-printing some models that were used to create the mold.

The chocolate is wrapped in different coloured paper according to the flavour (claret for milk and white chocolate; gold for dark choco), and packed in small boxes characterised by a linear pattern. On the sides of the boxes there are the four different sections of the bars.

PLUS ULTRA means “forward, beyond, farther”. It is based in Milan and Pesaro and it works beyond the disciplinary borders of architecture, conceiving the project as a creative process relevant to different fields: from architecture, interior, to set design, to graphic design, till to research and concept development.



PLUS ULTRA Chocobars2

PLUS ULTRA Chocobars3

PLUS ULTRA Chocobars4

PLUS ULTRA Chocobars5

PLUS ULTRA Chocobars6





PLUS ULTRA Chocobars

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