We were tasked with selecting aclient and creating a packaging concept for them. For my project I chose to go with the spice company. My concept was to create a look and feel that is different from other spice packaging in the market today. With this it was still important to keep it subtly tied to familiar packaging elements.

I decided to create special edition tour. To start it off I made the Braai Spice South Africa as this is inherintly South African and can’t really be linked to any european countries. Thereafter I selected 3 other countries to represent three spices.

To help inform my colour choices I utilised the 4 seasons which I linked to each one of the countries. With this it was still important to keep a link with some of the colours that are associated with the spice such as: Red for the colour of christmas spice and Green to represent the herbs.

For the main packaging the spice comes within a box that is held in a tin along with extra items. The secondary packaging consits of a tester bottle that features designs that can be collected as a part of a set.

Designed by: christiaan lourens, South Africa.


Pioneiro Spice2

Pioneiro Spice3

Pioneiro Spice4

Pioneiro Spice5

Pioneiro Spice6

Pioneiro Spice7

Pioneiro Spice8

Pioneiro Spice9

Pioneiro Spice10

Pioneiro Spice11


Pioneiro Spice12

Pioneiro Spice13

Pioneiro Spice14

Pioneiro Spice15

Pioneiro Spice16

Pioneiro Spice18

Pioneiro Spice19

Pioneiro SpiceMAIN




Pioneiro Spice

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